HK Honey/Shanghai Street Studios

When creative director of HK Honey Michael Leung moved into his apartment where he also runs Shanghai Street Studios in Yau Mai Tai, Kowloon, he embraced, rather than discarded, everything that was left from the previous tenant. For Michael, the detritus played a huge role in turning this three-stair walk-up into a constructive, warm and friendly space. Michael definitely lives with a “this is me and this is who I am” attitude, which is refreshing in a city of finance and newness. With a passion for bees and urban agriculture, Michael can take you through the first steps of making candles from natural beeswax at his classes. He will even take you on a guided tour of Yau Mai Tai ( his beehive is located on a nearby garden rooftop and that’s definitely impressive). The candles Michael crafts are available to buy at lifestyle store Kapok in Hong Kong as well. In the summer of 2011 Michael moved to New York for three months to work on the world’s largest rooftop farm Brooklyn Grange. His experience there inspired him to explore urban agriculture in a community-based way in Hong Kong hence his decision to start HK Farm. The first rooftop garden was created on an industrial building in Ngau Tau Kok, Kowloon. There they grow local and organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, do compost and harvest local honey.


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  1. Lee-Anne Reply

    How can I get one of those candles ??
    How gorgeous in the bottle !!
    Lovin your blog girls xx

  2. Louise Hill Reply

    Belinda, how wonderful, what a great guy! and such beautiful shots, where do you find these interesting people??
    Louise xx

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