A Glammed-up crocheted shopper kit

A passion for handicrafts runs in my family. My mother was the woman in the 1970s who was skilled in many textile techniques (often self-taught), such as sewing, knitting, crochet, embroidery, tie-dye, and at one time I even recall her exploring the old-fashioned skill of spinning wool – and that was all before she studied to become a professional potter. To this day there are handicraft projects all over her home and while I may lack some of her expertise I enjoy taking some of her Seventies pieces in a new direction, which brings me to this glammed-up crochet shopper.

What better way to give a crochet shopper a new lease of life than to combine a fluorescent chain. This craft kit (available to buy here) includes a pattern which provides a simple plan for the beginner to intermediate to follow; four balls of KPC wool, 1.5 metres of fluorescent chain, and a crochet hook. Read the instructions, and you’ll be off on your first fun crochet journey. There are two colour ways to begin with – but there are plans to explore more options so check back for more ideas should you require them.

Good luck!



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