I love the naturalness of ceramics and Hong Kong produces some of the most beautiful in the world – and they remind me of my mum patiently sculpting for hours then glazing and firing her pottery years ago when she still had her kiln. The use of this traditional craft form has endured the centuries – but I can see that the days of a wonderful Chinese ceramic store jam-packed with treasures covered in dust and grime on every corner, are sadly over. Staunton Street, Central, was always a favourite haunt of mine. I’d end up with a big box of plates cups and vases and unable to walk home.

Yuet Tung ChinaWorks is filled with old-world charm. There is an enormous variety –  everything from dinnerware, egg cups, milk jugs, ornamental pieces and platters, to cake plates and cake stands. But the best thing is Yuet Tung still makes everything by hand – there is a kiln at the back of the warehouse and four artisans work on private orders for clients, hotels or stores. You can make a piece your own by requesting specific details on the design or even more fun is to design your own dinner service by showing the artists a picture of what you want – and then you walk away with a lasting piece you’ve personally invested in.

Units 1-3, 3/F, Kowloon Bay Industrial Centre, 15 Wang Hoi Rd, Kowloon Bay. Tel: +852 2796 1125.




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