I am currently obsessed with amber again. I love the way it looks with denim. I remember discovering it when I was backpacking around Europe in the late 80’s in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. I was recently cleaning out my jewellery and re-discovered some of my amber but realised you need a few pieces to make it work. One lonely string just doesn’t look right. When wearing beads I think you have to layer and have at least three different lengths of the same one around your neck. The wrong beads can ruin any outfit so you have to be careful with how you wear them. You don’t want to end up looking like you have off-loaded your entire jewellery box to around your neck and it’s your first outing for the year. For amber we suggest you head to Pak Kwok Hung’s shop, 428, Jade Market, Yaumatei, Kowloon. He really does have some lovely pieces. You have to remember to use your bargaining tools. I always love this about the Jade Market in Hong Kong. Remember less is more does not apply to amber. 


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  1. Anna Reply

    Hi, interested in antique amber beads.With respect.

    • Ingrid Keneally Reply

      Hi Anna,
      You can buy amber beads at the Jade Market. x Ingrid

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