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We love Lilliput Tales and their kooky, quite captivating mini-lives-in-glass-jars or ‘mossariums’. Singapore-born creative director Maggie Chan started the idea as a little artistic experiment outside of her full-time job. The experiment turned out to have lots of possibilities. And we’re glad it did – from a tiny ‘Summer Hike” to a spirited ultra athletic mini coming down a rope – ‘Hang in There’ – they all tell a story and each piece is a one-off. Just choose one and add love, sun and water. or contact Maggie at They are also available at kapok stores in Hong Kong.

Why Lilliput Tales?

I started Lilliput Tales because when I moved to Hong Kong from Melbourne eight months ago, I wanted to do something different besides my real profession as a TV producer. Mossariums and terrariums were something that I was fiddling with as a hobby back in Melbourne and it was and still is very popular. So when I came back to Hong Kong for the second time, I looked around and realised there wasn’t really anyone making or selling it especially with miniatures in it. So I decided to start Lilliput Tales to introduce these beautiful jars of awesomeness to the people in Hong Kong and since then I’ve never regretted a single day starting it.

Some of the things you might do in a day?

I am not sure where all my time goes but there is never a day I can sit down and just chill, not even on weekends! There is always something to do perhaps because I have so much happening right now. Checking emails takes up most of my time, working on Lilliput Tales, stock-taking, and liaising with customers. Since I am 35 weeks pregnant, I have been just busy getting ready for the baby’s arrival and going to the doctors for appointments!

Describe your style?

Eclectic and adventurous

Can you name your three best traits?

Productive, creative driven and practical

Who or what inspires you?

My husband. He inspires me all the time. Besides him, I find music, movies, art and soaking myself with new experiences very inspiring.

Which achievements are you most proud of?

I have been working as a TV producer for the last 13 years of my life and in the middle of these 13 years, I have managed to do some charity work along the way organising fund raising events building a medical centre in a village in China, started a pop-up art jamming movement in Melbourne when I was residing there and wrapped up the event as a charity art auction fundraiser for Starlight Foundation and now of course Lilliput Tales. I enjoy what I do professionally as a TV producer but I have always had a constant urge to do something on the side that gives me bigger satisfaction and meaning in life.

Where is your all-time favourite place to visit?

New York and Japan.

What are you currently reading?

I am only currently reading maternity and parenting books prepping for the little one to arrive.

What are you listening to?

I love a wide genre of music to be honest. It ranges from soundtracks such as The Great Gatsby to Indie to Pop and Folks. But right now if you want to know, Vampire weekend ‘Modern Vampires of the City’ – something very child-like about their tunes.

One of the meals you love most

Back home in Singapore unfortunately. Nothing beats going back to Singapore for a local feasting of hot and spicy Singaporean dishes.

Your favourite stores?

I am a major shopaholic. I just love beautiful things. I adore fashion accessories, home-wares, furnishing and decorative items. Mainly the hipster shops in Wanchai such as kapok, boutique-y and lifestyle shops such as Homeless, or along Gough/Aberdeen street in Central or Tai Ping Shan Street in Sheung Wan on Hong Kong Island.

Any pets?

We used to have two cats but because I have been relocating quite a fair bit, it wasn’t fair for the kittens so I left them with my friends back home in Singapore as it’s really unnerving for them to move around country to country.


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  2. Littleclouds Reply

    Wow I love these, the black wax stamp is a great touch to the branding, pretty cool discovering new HK based designers & makers!

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