Vintage Frames

Everyone can see Hong Kong has recently become more accepting of secondhand and vintage. In the past it was not out of the question to fly over to Amsterdam, Sydney or Paris to go completely vintage crazy and shop for amazing finds. But I love how Hong Kong is changing – more and more stores are opening up with secondhand gems. And the ones I really love are the vintage eyeglasses frames. The thing about them is that they make you look unique and offer an easy way to individualise your own style. Have a look at our finds: 2007 Zhan, Shop 1 G/F Po Hing Court, 10- 18 Po Hing Fong, Sheung Wan, +852 2559 3001. and Select 18, Shop A, G/F Grand View Gardne, 18 Bridges Street, Central, Soho, +852 2858 8803. If you don’t have the patience or don’t go for vintage in the way that I do (I just love the thrill of the chase) just remember the label can make the decision easier for you (Yves Saint Laurent for example definitely holds its value. Ray-Bans as well are more than agreeable). Transforming an old name brand pair of sunglasses into remarkable reading frames is also a clever way to go out full face with a completely new look. 


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