Terrariums and mossariums

We want to open your minds to the little lives inside a terrarium (or mossarium), to make you see how easy it is to grow them, and to make something a bit different. But what is a terrarium? The idea is that you make a tiny plot of garden inside a glass bottle, or vase, or mini aquarium. They are low maintenance and perfect for apartment living because all they require is a touch of sun and a good watering once a week.

Lilliput Tales have spent over three years making these small-scale cultivations. For lessons on how to start one of these wonderful little
gardens, or to buy supplies, head to Art Garden, G/F 48 Flowermarket Road, Prince Edward, Kowloon. +852 6286 726 in the Flower Market, and ask for Jasmine Lo or Kay Lo. Their atelier has everything from pebbles, coir, or sphagnum, moss, to cacti from all over the world, and tiny sculptures (if you are inclined towards art directing your little world). Jasmine is very skilled and experienced, and should you be interested in a custom-made terrarium, her work is always mesmerising.

We have also discovered King Yuen Garden, G/ F 223 Sai Yee Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon. Tel: +852 2789 3998, which is full of cacti and exotic plants specifically for terrariums. There’s even little bonsai that beautifies everything. What we’ve found is that terrariums are a really lovely project to have going, and given regular love and attention, they can thrive. And they light up a room.

















































We have become quite addicted to making the mossarium after visiting Jasmine’s store. See below some of our creations and next week we will tell you how to make your very own.  


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  1. Vivienne Reply

    After reading your latest Stylebrief on “Terrariums and Mossariums”I cannot wait to purchase my container and start my own, the biggest problem will be deciding which shape to go for, they are all so appealing and suit different plant shapes and designs. They all look marvellous! Thanks for sharing such an interesting photos and story with us all.

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