Stocking up on enamel

Enamel ware in Hong Kong is enchanting. It’s brand-less and simple, and the fine floral designs add a little romance to the everyday kitchen set. The blue tiffin tins and little coffee cups first caught my eye at this store on Hollywood Road in the late-nineties. Inside was a beautiful mess with all these metal and enamel pieces stacked together. That store’s now closed but here’s the address of one below so you’ll know where to start if you’re searching for enamel plates, cups, bowls, trays, vases, thermoses, or some lovely trinkets in Hong Kong.

See the enamel and metal wares at Chu Wing Kee, 26 Possession Street, Sheung Wan, + 852 2545 3560.


3 Responses to Stocking up on enamel
  1. Scott Weston Reply

    Hip Wo Homewares on Hollywood Rd also has great enamel ware and fantastic rubber shoes to protect your good shoes from the rain. They also have a cotton brand called Chrysanthemum for the classic white t-shirt.

  2. Sue Reply

    Wow! I really love the look of the enamel wares. Would enjoy a look inh this store when next in HK. Thanks ladies. Sue

  3. noreen Reply

    these are lovely! i will be visiting Hong Kong for the first time next month. Do you recommend any other specific shops or areas where I can find enamelware and other table ware? thanks!

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