Imperial Yellow

Finding ceramics in Hong Kong is easy – every possible shape, size and colour is available here. A colour as bright as the sun – ‘Imperial Yellow’ – is this week’s current love. Its meaning is allied with the word ‘king’, and pieces drenched in it are a standout in their elegance. Oh, the only thing is the more luxurious price-tag: these beautiful artefacts can date back to the Ming and Ching Dynasty when they were designed for the Imperial Court. But quality stands the test of time, and now that they are available to the everyday collector, the investment is definitely worth it. A splash of sun-kissed porcelain is also a smart way to brighten up a room where there is not a lot of natural lighting. Our go to place is Friendship Commerical Building, 105-107 Hollywood Rd, Hong Kong. tel: +852 2548 3830 – David Choi is a master at ceramics and will gladly give you a quick history lesson as well.  


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