Fabric hunting

Our families were always into making things and both our mothers sewed. For me, every time I found something I loved from the editorial pages of Australian Vogue my mum turned the image into a real-life outfit almost magically from air. Now whenever we go to Sham Shui Po the fabric stalls seem to draw us both in. It’s no secret that you have to get to know the streets, otherwise looking is just too overwhelming. It’s become a family tradition to go there hunting for beautiful laces, velvets, cheesecloths, wools and silks, and all the bits of cord and tassels you sometimes need. There is so much to see in Sham Shui Po so we have decided to just cover the open air fabric market this time. One of our favourites is Ki Lung Street between Yen Chow street and Wong Chuk Street where you can buy fabrics straight off the roll. There is one stall that has lovely Japanese cottons; others stock Chinese fabrics, calico and off-cuts from designers. Opposite this open-air market are wholesalers who have some great raw linens, which being pretty strong are perfect for upholstery. Think fabric for deck-chairs or special cushions on outdoor furniture. Sewing pins, fabric pens, zips, sewing cotton and interfacing are available from two stores at either end of the fabric market.

Happy sewing!


12 Responses to Fabric hunting
  1. ACID+ Anji Connell Reply

    Great Article. Inspired me to visit Sham Shui Po!

    • Ingrid Keneally Reply

      Yes you should definitely go – so much to discover at Sham Shui Po. Thanks Ingrid

  2. Sumnima Reply

    where can I find swim suit fabric in hk?

  3. CRYSTAL Reply


    I would like to know where i can get the calico fabric in Hong kong?

    Best Regards,

    • Ingrid Keneally Reply

      Do you want me to source you some – do you need much?

  4. Hanrie Lues Reply

    Hi there, thank you for the lovely article, I was hoping you could assist me in finding shops in Hong Kong that sell lace and bridal fabric? I am from South Africa and will be planning a sourcing trip there soon. Any advice or information is welcome, thank you!

    • Ingrid Keneally Reply

      I source lace and fabric for clients around the world. Do you need me to help you with this? Thanks Ingrid
      I can be reached at ingridkeneally@gmail.com

  5. Grace Messer Reply

    I live in Sydney Australia and import silk fabric from China Mainland.
    Please advise me about buying silks at Hong Kong street stalls and what prices would I be paying per yard or metre.

  6. Vicki Hedley Reply

    Do you have any suggestions about where in Hong Kong to buy bamboo fabric suitable bedding? I have some bed sheets and quilt that are a unique style I wish to recreate. They happen to made of a bamboo fabric which we have found to be both wonderful quality and excellent to sleep in.

  7. Diane Reply

    Hi There,
    Good article & love the pics.
    Will be in HK in a couple of weeks & want to buy fabric to get some brunch coats made for my mum (prob about ten).

    Could you please tell me the best time to go to Ki Lung Street & is open on weekends?

    A side Q – I want to take the fabric to a tailor to get the brunch coats made. I’m not looking for a top tailor as they should be quite simple & can bring a sample to copy.

    The question is am I better buying fabric here (Australia) & taking it with me to save time? (am there for four full days & fly out late on the 5th day).

    Are you able to suggest any tailors near Prince Edward?
    Much appreciated

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