D is for Duchessa

We adore the sublime pieces Hong Kong-based jewellery designer Nerida Aylott is creating at Duchessa Jewels. Nerida started working on her version of faux Georgian/early Victorian Riviere, or Collet necklaces when some stunning original pieces worn in a fashion documentary caught her eye. Her aim was to create sophisticated yet fluid jewellery that could be worn with many looks. She had become interested in historical pieces and spent time researching original works in London. “Mine are copies of these type of necklaces,” Nerida explains. “The original ones were either of semi-precious stones like amethyst, but were often of coloured glass encased in pinchbeck gold (fake gold). The Duchessa Jewels are made of glass or cubic zirconia, which is like a simulated gemstone and the best ‘fake’ you can get before using real stones”.

We love them worn with lace or denim and layered with vintage gold collars or chains. If you’re planning on getting a big dramatic necklace with character these pieces are just so special and they are made with a lot of love. 

DSC_1114DSC_1117DSC_1135 DSC_1122DSC_1120DSC_1118

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  1. Dianne Reply

    I love these beautiful necklaces! Such beautiful photos xx

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