Cupcakes are a fun alternative to the traditional cake for a party. As you can see from our recent shoot we also found that Perspex trays are the perfect way to bring out the child-friendly potential which makes them a hit for anyone with children or a youthful sweet-tooth. Shop for all your cupcake needs at New Chun Fat, 277 Shanghai Street, Yaumatei, Kowloon. Tel: +852 2388 5318. Here you will find a treasure-trove of patty-pans, small stainless steel tins and other bits and pieces you might want for the perfect cup-cake. I Love Cake, G/F 188 Wan Chai Road. Tel: +852 2671 2644 in Wan Chai has all the toppers and candles you could imagine, plus little cake tins. At my house there are always personal garlands – paper doilies, strips of wool, fabric, and colourful string – which give character to any party. Keep the icing simple, add fresh flowers – how could you refuse anything as pretty as that?


















































A couple of clicks away under the Shop tab you will find the new online store. Frustrated that the right sort of original pieces are sometimes hard to find, the launch of the store is a means of giving useful style ideas and road-testing designs. It’s also about creating that personal touch, and great things will be added further down the track.   












































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