Cloisonné (circa Ming Dynasty) is the resulting effect of metalware decorated with an ancient technique which uses enamel, gemstones, coloured glass paste, and various other materials.  In the late ’90’s one of the best place to find Cloisonné bowls, vases and plates in Hong Kong was a little store on the first floor of a building on Elgin Street. Sadly, this store ended up closing down, along with a cluster of great stores around it.  On late-night walks I used to pick up a lot of curios and other bits and pieces from there where dust would be all over the Cloisonné.  A simple wipedown with a damp cloth at home revealed an extremely beautiful object gleaming in vibrant shades in a treasure trove of designs.

A couple of good places to find Cloisonné around Hong Kong today are:

The Sum Ngai Brass Factory in Kam Tin, New Territories, has a huge collection of Cloisonné out, and for well-priced vases and Christmas decorations this is a good place to shop.  Ornamental and oversized bowls are available as well as splendid statement-making urns.  Pop into Friendship Trading Company, 105-107 Hollywood Rd, Central, for even more affordable gifts – the pencil holders and vases are just two examples of lovely Cloisonné staples.



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