Chinese Letter Boxes


Chinese letter box – when Belinda first moved to Hong Kong almost seven years ago she used to be fascinated by them. She loves that they are always the same size and shape and with little cut-out symbols on the front. The colours are always different, some are old and some are new, but they are the same. Belinda made it her mission to find out what the symbols mean. It represents two old Hong Kong coins set in pairs because the Chinese believe pairs to be lucky. The idea is that the letters are placed inside the boxes and will bring luck to the receiver.

Cheung Kee Copper & Iron – a little stall on Pottinger Street steps between Wellington St and Hollywood Road in Central, Hong Kong Island sells Chinese letter boxes. As well as coming in many different colours, you can choose your own pantone shade to be matched for your box if you wish.

DSC_0024DSC_0001DSC_0022DSC_0019Reflections-Black letterboxes


13 Responses to Chinese Letter Boxes
  1. Ruth Reply

    Great pictures – thanks for explaining what the two symbols mean, I was looking for this info too!

    Hope it’s ok if I’ll blog about the explanation on my blog in the next days – giving you the credit and linking back to your blog.


    • Belinda Bath Reply

      No problem Ruth, just credit the link. It was something that always fascinated me how all the letterboxes were the same, and I just had to find out the meaning.

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    • admin Reply

      Thanks for your lovely post – Best Ingrid

  3. Amy Reply

    Hi, do you know how much these letter boxes are sold for?

    • Ingrid Keneally Reply

      Hi Amy,
      I think they are around HK$100.He has painted ones in pink, blue etc and they might be a bit more.
      He should be open on a Sunday. Thanks Ingrid

      • Eric Reply

        It’s very nice .Could please give me the address or contact of that shop I need to buy some of them thanks

  4. Amy Reply

    Also do you know if they are open on sundays?

  5. Petra Reply

    Does anyone know where to buy the old style mail boxes please ?

    • Ingrid Keneally Reply

      There is a man in the laneways in Central near the costumes that sells the old Chinese letter boxes.

  6. Angel Reply

    This looks great! Just wondering (if you remember) where the sightings of these postboxes can be seen? They seem to be dying out as of late.

    • Ingrid Keneally Reply

      Yes they are just up from Pottinger Street in Central – right near the markets that sell all the dress-up clothes. Hope this helps. x

  7. Jianhao Reply

    Hi ! Is it possible to purphase online for a metal letterbox to Singapore? Really hopping to get 1 for my new house

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