Wooden cutting boards are so great for styling and a can’t-live-without kitchen aid ( the ease of a well-crafted one is a relief when chopping vegetables). A great shop in Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon Woodwork Professor, G/F 335-339 Shanghai Street. Tel: +852 2332 2443 specialises in all kinds: square shaped, pizza tray ones to large circular styles. They also have a large stack of camphor boards out the front of the shop. No good for cooking but a lifesaver, when hung in the wardrobe, from moth attacks on precious clothes. Just across the road is Man Kee Chopping Board, G/F 340-342 Shanghai Street, Yau Ma Tei. Tel:+852 2332 2784 they also have a good selection of wooden boards. 

Rubbing a little sunflower oil or coconut oil all over the board around 3- 4 tablespoons with cloth gloves every few months will keep your board glossed and in prime condition. 



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  1. Elisha Reply

    These photos are heavenly – thanks Ingrid and Belinda for always sharing so generously.

  2. anna Reply

    so need to make a visit to Shanghai Street!

  3. Barbarah Reply

    Love this issue of StylebriefHongKong 🙂
    I didn’t know about the camphor boards, thank you, will check them out.

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