Beautiful Bonsai

Bonsai really do capture the whole concept of peacefulness. I don’t know what it is about them but they can make such an impact – one single bonsai just sitting on a windowsill or a few of them outside on a rustic table looks so beautiful. Even though bonsai is a Japanese word it actually was originally a Chinese practice and it came from the Chinese term penzai, which means ‘tray plant’. I think anything minature makes your imagination take hold – they can even be thought of as little sculptures.

If you are living in Hong Kong there are numerous places to buy a Bonsai – even a visitor will love looking at all the different ones available. Our favourite streets to hit are Yuen Po and Playing Field Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon. Sun Kee Trading Co, 5-7, Yuen Po Road, Mong Kok. Tel: +852 2830 8331 sells exquisite little gates, bridges, white standing cranes and hanging monkeys so you can put your styling skills to work to create your own mini world. Shop H2 Ground Floor Kam Ming Court, 12 -14 Playing Field Road, Mong Kok. Tel: +852 2392 4568 has large and small bonsai available. The nursery in Happy Valley also has an amazing array of bonsai and they will happily tell you how to care for them. Known to have a reputation to grow as old as humans – these little trees can fit into even the tiniest of apartments – all they take is watering and love. 



5 Responses to Beautiful Bonsai
  1. Sebbie Reply

    I would like to get a mid size bonsai plant. I wanna know where can I get one and where is the address?


    • Ingrid Keneally Reply

      Hi Sebbie,
      Go to the nursery in Happy Valley – the address is on the blog. They have great bonsais. Good luck

  2. Nicholas Reply


    I’ll be visiting Hongkong next week. Mind if I ask what’s the average estimate cost of a mid size bonsai in HK?

    • Ingrid Keneally Reply

      It would be around HK$350 – thanks

  3. Jojo dejesus Reply

    Hi! Can you give me the complete address at happy valley I’m very interested to buy different species.

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