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Beautiful Bonsai

Bonsai really do capture the whole concept of peacefulness. I don’t know what it is about them but they can make such an impact – one single bonsai just sitting on a windowsill or a few of them outside on a rustic table looks so beautiful. Even though bonsai is a Japanese word it actually was originally a Chinese practice and it came from the Chinese term penzai, which means ‘tray plant’. I think anything minature makes your imagination take hold – they can even be thought of as little sculptures.

If you are living in Hong Kong there are numerous places to buy a Bonsai – even a visitor will love looking at all the different ones available. Our favourite streets to hit are Yuen Po and Playing Field Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon. Sun Kee Trading Co, 5-7, Yuen Po Road, Mong Kok. Tel: +852 2830 8331 sells exquisite little gates, bridges, white standing cranes and hanging monkeys so you can put your styling skills to work to create your own mini world. Shop H2 Ground Floor Kam Ming Court, 12 -14 Playing Field Road, Mong Kok. Tel: +852 2392 4568 has large and small bonsai available. The nursery in Happy Valley also has an amazing array of bonsai and they will happily tell you how to care for them. Known to have a reputation to grow as old as humans – these little trees can fit into even the tiniest of apartments – all they take is watering and love. 

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Quatorze Juillet

If you are in the market for cool antiques and vintage European furniture then you should definitely head over to French born Elvire Girault’s pop up shop Quatorze Juillet in Square Street, Sheung Wan. After completing her Masters in Art History at Ecole Du Louvre in Paris, and working in a gallery in St Germain des pres in the Antiquaires’ district, Elvire definitely developed a lovely eye for finding tasteful and unique pieces. She has always been interested in art and antiques,”It probably comes from my dad’s family, they had very beautiful pieces in their big home that came from the family. The mansion itself was for me the perfect place for treasure hunting and telling myself ghost stories. I naturally grew up loving old stuff,” she says.

The pop-up is carefully curated with interesting lighting, furniture and beautiful curiosities. Personally I am currently obsessed with a 70s wielded brass table lamp in the shape of a pineapple that she sourced from France. Don’t worry if you can’t get to her pop-up before the 28th of May, Elvire is opening a permanent shop in a months time.



Cupcakes are a fun alternative to the traditional cake for a party. As you can see from our recent shoot we also found that Perspex trays are the perfect way to bring out the child-friendly potential which makes them a hit for anyone with children or a youthful sweet-tooth. Shop for all your cupcake needs at New Chun Fat, 277 Shanghai Street, Yaumatei, Kowloon. Tel: +852 2388 5318. Here you will find a treasure-trove of patty-pans, small stainless steel tins and other bits and pieces you might want for the perfect cup-cake. I Love Cake, G/F 188 Wan Chai Road. Tel: +852 2671 2644 in Wan Chai has all the toppers and candles you could imagine, plus little cake tins. At my house there are always personal garlands – paper doilies, strips of wool, fabric, and colourful string – which give character to any party. Keep the icing simple, add fresh flowers – how could you refuse anything as pretty as that?

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Spotlight on buckles, buttons and collars

We love the personal details that create original style. You can change old buttons on a favourite high-street blazer, or hand sew badges or quirky lapels on T-shirts or jackets. Look for luxe buttons on Nam Cheong and Tai Nan streets, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon – mother-of-pearl, brass, patterned, textured, brass, fabric and wooden ones are available at key stalls in these streets. Search for delicate collars and embellishments to add to a top at 80 Nam Cheong Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon – and here you can pick up some wonderful brooches as well to make any outfit more appealing. Customizing items from your wardrobe will definitely give definite party appeal. For day-time style sew a pretty lace collar to a cotton or woollen pullover. The sweaters at Uniqlo will not disappoint. For those of you with skirts with a dull hemline, cut a section of the end off and replace with some hand dyed matching lace. After all this, no one will ever look predictable.

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We love to search for vintage pieces, and I base my looking on the texture, feel and quality of the fabric plus the name Chanel, or Gianfranco Ferre, or Lanvin can also inspire me to add a new beautiful bag, jacket, skirt or dress to my collection. I noticed in the early nineties there was very little in the way of vintage European pieces in Hong Kong, but finally vintage clothing and accessories have caught on here. Now I’ve cast my eye over the pieces available in Reverie. The owner, Hannah Sutton, sources with her sister who is based in London. The boutique is in a fabulous location on Duddell Street, Central – right next to Rennie Fensham’s hair-salon Hollywood Hair. So once you’ve picked up a Chanel classic flap you can then pop over to Rennie’s for a quick blow-dry.

Why Reverie?

I have always had a passion for fashion and all things vintage. In Europe vintage has been very popular in the last few years but not so in Hong Kong. I’ve always dreamt of owning my own vintage shop and realised there was a gap in the market here so my sister (who is based in London) and I made the decision to make our dream a realisation last November by opening Reverie. But it was a few years in the making.

Some of the things you might do in a day?

Each day is different. But my day always starts with getting my children ready for school, followed by exercise. I am in the shop most day’s and you never really know what the day will bring. There can be a photo shoot, an interview, viewing private collections, searching for unusual new stock, getting ready for a fashion show, model fittings and the more boring necessary things like paper work, catching up on Emails, admin etc. But I always manage to fit in seeing friends for lunch or coffee at some point most days.

Describe your style?

My style can vary – and I go through phases. But I’m always on the look out for the latest trend and the latest must have item.

Can you name your three best traits?

You would have to ask my friends and family for an honest opinion. But I would like to think they are loyalty, a sense of humour and great determination.

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